QIP Infium Build 9044

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QIP Infium Build 9044

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Mi, 16. Mär 2011, 17:05

Neue Build 9044 ist draußen.

Changelog: (Quelle: http://wiki.qip.ru/9044" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; http://translate.google.de/translate?js ... .ru%2F9044" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)
ausgeblendeter Text :
support bb-code
New languages: Czech and Slovak (thanks to foreign translators)
redesign of the message box and contact sheet:
Chevron added to the panel of protocols in the contact list
translation of the interface the message box on the slider
button at the bottom now combined
improved support for microblogging service Juick
fit the width of the rolled bar service in the absence of some buttons
Editing visible smiles through Ctrl + Click on the smiles while showing enhanced
extended unique settings of contact:
"Do not save the history"
"Disable images"
Disable override Font
"Show previews for links to youtube / image"
when you send pictures directly to the other party is automatically inserted in the preview window messages
new icon
hotkey alt + down to show the choice of sub contact (does not work on separated windows)
Setting focus in the text box after selecting the sub contact in the message window
added setting a time format, font and style for chat
added settings for flash videos
added settings for bb-codes
transition to hotkey the blinking chat
in the settings of direct transmission is now possible after the external address to specify the port range (eg,2000-3000,5000)
opportunity to answer a specific tweet
Adding images from twitpic.com, pics.qip.ru, express.photofile.ru the basement posts
Opening Ribbon user on the arrow in the window strip
Tape facebook
Contact Lenta username "
Reply to the post (comment)
buttons like "/" dislike "
Support for viewing other people's walls (click on the nick opens in a new tab)
button "Show the previous comments"
button in the toolbar tape to attach pictures and links
Fixed / Updated:
updated languages
updated skin
did not work a notice of recruitment for the Russian layout
redone preferences window Message
Fixed crash when changing skins with his client icon
Fixed hang at dablklike border contact list
disable reset scrollbar position when switching tabs in strips facebook and twitter and conferences
flashing tab / icon in the tray icon of the protocol (if available)
Fixed GDI leak in some cases
Fixed a hang-up during the transfer to faylkvip and language switch Punto-Switcher-th
delete chat contact will not close tab
An expanded version of the selected contact not draw the color of the selected contact
buttons do not work to use when changing a hotkey
slightly reduced flickering tabs
Optimized update of tabs when you change status of contacts
updated icons for clients icq, jabber, mra
Fixed color options
Fixed several bugs in the library support gif
Fixed neustanovka global status online if you went online only a single protocol, which is the last in the list of protocols
Tape twitter and facebook are a bottom-up (optional)
Fixed bug with creeping dagger on the tab name in bystrochatah - ignored newlines in the subject
additional protection against loop in the loop iterate proxy requests to storage.qip.ru
Fixed missing icons in the tray
removed menu item to search for qip.ru
remove the menu, "to quote the site"
hide the top bar with a theme and an invitation to chat in the ribbons
call immediately when you press the camera button when the contact has only one uchetki
does not redraw the contacts in the advanced mode when updating avatars
Changes the status of your file, cancel the transfer and the connection timeout
Upon receipt of Presence check whether avatars, and load if it does not
significantly redesigned ribbon tweeter
Fixed disappearing icons sokraschalki box tape
Remove contact from the tape
for retweets instead of "RT" shows the icons
improved error messages
display of text sent by a site notice
click to open the tape in contact menu
additional verification and notification of technical papers on the site
additional checks on the correctness of the account dialer qip.ru
Fixed a problem with authorization on voip.qip.ru
support for an answer / reject, and pause with USB-tubes in the jabber-calls;
calls from the tape / contact list facebook
Fixed icons in the window

Download: http://qip-forum.de/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2575" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Quelle: http://forum.qip.ru/showthread.php?p=372410" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Edit: ICQ Protokoll in der Unreal Edition und IRC Protokoll hinzugefügt

ICQ Unreal: http://dc258.file.qip.ru/download/YUhCe ... 46ec7c4c3b" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
IRC: http://dc257.file.qip.ru/download/N8qWx ... ffe913f2e6" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
QIP 2012 Build 8828
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