QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Hier gibt es Infos zu QIP Infium und alles was rund um QIP Infium wichtig ist.
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QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Di, 29. Mär 2011, 11:36

Das Tempo der Entwicklung von QIP Infium hat anscheinend wieder zugenommen.
Eine neue Nightly Build ist draußen --> N1

ausgeblendeter Text :
Updated languages
* Import and export settings to a file (format json)
* Save and load settings from the server
* Added support for spell checking (so far no proposals to fix)

* Fix the fall when you click on "send to Enter" in a chat room for communication style in separate windows
* Error loading the error description could be lost
* Fix some unmapped gif (example: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ~ akitaoka / rotsnake.gif )
* Added the conversion rate of APG icon
* Fixed closing a chat at the close of the OS and separate OSOCH
* Smiles
- Optimization of memory allocation when creating a cache
- Loading smileys completely transferred to the manager Picchu, made all for smiles
- Asynchronous loading smileys - Quick Start (slightly) faster and apply the settings (aloud)
- Limited to the creation of cache memory (not more than 16 MB to 1 file)
- Could fall in the absence of smaylpaka
* Fix Manual template topic chat panel
* Minifiks JSON liby to write to the file is not utf8, unicode and in the escape sequence
* In rare cases, could be artifacts when rendering
* Transliteration dropped the cursor to 0
* Changed manager to download the images (fixes against deadlocks)
* Menu items: Close video, open in browser
* Large animated hyphae could give bagrep
* Removed unnecessary discharge of the swap when the application is deactivated
* Expanded KFOR plugins
+ Add menu plugins Picchu / Video
+ * Is sent to the plug-designated URL and text if the text / url Picchu appointed. Example: test
+ Plug-ins are now able to understand that the menu is displayed on Picchu or videos, as well as getting a list of media in Taba
* Fixed possible hang when closing
* Pravoklik by Picchu does not release it (there are some problems with the jump on a dedicated Picchu)
* Gaps in the command line incorrectly collected
* To draw artifacts (on static Picchu without the cache, which is very unlikely)
* Boot from an incorrect address has not changed Picchu (now is Empty)
* Added logic to display a normal name instead of tsiferok in wasps (true for the social)
* Added formatting options for the story
* Dablklik on behalf of the name copied from 4 spaces left
* Pkm by the inscription "answer" in Zhuikov brings up a menu thread
* Fix parsing of Zhuikov Picchu if sent directly to the trade as comments

Sip /
* Fix the launch of two kip on one machine

jabber /
* A small fix for Zhuikov
* Sending a file MUC-contact, if you know his real JID and he has a roster

facebook /
* Option to "open the tape when connected"
* Fixed problems with opening the list zalaykavshih
* Not considered an option "Disable avatars"
* For disabled avatar tape compact
* Tweaked the size of avatars
* Fix header file selection window
* Fix: in Taba show "The Wall" to match the menu item
* Fixed: lost some cookies
* Fixed problem with notification of new messages in the mailbox Facebook
* Missing icons are taken from the Default Skin

twitter /
* The menu on the nickel is not revealed in the tapes except for the basic and answers
* Search on twitter
* If the tweets written in response to some other, then reflect it in the tape. Source twits can pozyrit if the poke in the word "response"

social /
* If goes offline, the icon-tabs put the tapes will "offline"
* Compatibility mode "antiboss"
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oder http://dc257.file.qip.ru/download/0ki1W ... 0bca8f13b9" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Wichtige Info: Das IRC-Protokoll kann aufgrund einer Fehlermeldung und sofortigen Absturzes während des Startens von QIP nicht mehr genutzt werden.
QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Mi, 6. Apr 2011, 17:14

Nightly 2 ist erschienen!

ausgeblendeter Text :
Updated languages
* Fix the fall when you click on the video
* Fullskrin now works
* Does not include spelling, if not typed text
* Dialogue about downloading the dictionaries in the mail settings under XP was not the correct text
* Fix nicks in history
* Self key img url and when the clipboard is a link
* Improved the work pravoklika make it easier to manage video
* Changed menu Picchu (it was impossible to update Picchu preview if it does not load)
* Can not copy some images (not shown to the local menu)
* Support rutube, smotri.com and vimeo
* Fix links in Zhuikov (some not parse + click worked correctly)
* Menu Speller with a correction
* Clickable nicknames in chat rooms with disabled bb
* BB IM status messages could lead to unreadable text
* The menu item "add to dictionary"
* Added new color - the color of underline spelling
* In the settings Spelling could not exhibit active dictionaries
* Could not ichezat inscription Attachments to the OS
* Fix sending another notice of recruitment. do only if you press the keys with tsifrobukvami.
* If you have installed plug Speller - show vsplyvashku with inof of obsolescence thereof
* Fell upon activation windows and flashing in the tray

jabber /
* Plyushechka to attach pictures to post juick

social /
* Fix: a proxy to download avatars changed just after the restart quipu, not after reconnect
* Fixed: was possible to crash when you manually disconnect during query

facebook /
* Banner "loading" at the opening ribbon
* Fix: facebook sometimes sends a notification about changing the number of unread messages twice
* Fix: Pressing the vsplyvashku about new messages in facebook does not lead to action
* Change of status in the tabs feeds / messages, respectively, the status of the protocol
* Support for inplace editor comments on the tape
* Fixed: The number of Laikov tried to get out of a nonexistent field -> nothing is displayed

twitter /
* Removed an extra menu item
* Fix: tweet was removed on the site, but was not removed in the tape - "after reopening it show up again
* Fix: sometimes does not show the author's nickname tweets
* Fix: in the previous assembly marred URL twits site
* Support heshtegov in tape
* Searches are now not automatically saved, instead of the Taba top fad is "save query"
* Fix: If the unsubscribe People, in its menus in the tape and remained "unsubscribe"
* Display retvittov as at [the original message, avatar of the author and the label with the name retvitta otretvittevshego]
* Fixed: ignore bb-code in their names after the "back"
* Support for images from the tape yfrog
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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Sa, 9. Apr 2011, 09:12

Nightly 3 ist gestern gegen dreiviertel neun erschienen ...

Wichtig ist vor dem ersten Starten der neuen Nightly sollte man den spelling Ordner löschen! (vorher am besten das deutsche Wörterbuch sichern) Nach dem Start kann man dann die Rechtschreibkorrektur neu aktivieren ...

ausgeblendeter Text :
* Updated languages ​​(until the current English and py, and the rest later)
* Fix unusable spell checking, if dictionaries are on the way, which includes Russian characters
* Fixed improper validation of certain words (Part & Part)
* The possibility of blocking ads in fleshrolikah:
create a file in the folder above urlfilter.ini Profiles and enter the following:
* Crossdomain.xml
http:// * rutube.ru / *
http:// * vimeocdn.com / *
http:// * vimeo.com / *
http:// * youtube.com / *
http://s.ytimg.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; *
http://pics.smotri.com/player.swf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; *
This is a list of allowed url, which loads the flash during the

* Fixed drop upon receipt of a carriage tekuschgo
* If you were allocated a few words, the selection was discharged on the underlined words
* A couple of thoughts in sending notification of the recruitment
* Pictures in Zhuikov now, without designated links (will open in dablkliku)
* Tooltip inpleys editor in the film facebook
* Flash-driver will now be updated at all players, not only in new
* Smiles off the sample according to the letter
* In the settings do not show in the list of exceptions dictionary
* Expanded the list of delimiters
* Fix sticky Pickup
* Linear download progress in setting Spelling
* Fix logic daws if there is no dictionary, and the settings are specified
* Thumbs to make a standard plug smotrikoma + support video.qip.ru

twitter /
* "Follow" through the addition of contact
* Fix: kvip could tumble at disconnection, if the request was follow / unfollow

(8.24 MiB) 207-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://dc258.file.qip.ru/download/0UEqA ... ae3992747e" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Quelle: http://forum.qip.ru/showthread.php?t=44176" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (übersetzt: http://translate.google.de/translate?js ... Ft%3D44176" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)
QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Do, 14. Apr 2011, 16:27

Die vierte Nightly ist draußen ...

ausgeblendeter Text :
* Updated skin
* Fixed the context menu from the keyboard into the input box
* Pkm to smile in the box resulted in an error
* Spell check now works faster and without the potential locks
* Selected row in the field of the log display incorrectly
* Jump may not have considered moving the cursor
* Click inside the selection did not lead to his discharge
* Fixed drop if you close the tab after the file transfer
* Conversion type references http://prezident.rf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; in punycode
* Abolished option kom.stroki / smiles as useless
* Input field tapes now with the spelling checker
* Smiles window lost the last selected
* Fixed drop in the mail settings if you edit the keyboard
* Added animation when you run video
* Fixed extra underline in the ribbon tweeter nick
* Fixed some incorrect drop gif
* Extra checks to not run profile selection instead of launching a flush
* Fix dump active vocabularies in the settings

facebook /
* For posting images is not supported privacy mode other than "for all". Therefore, for the other regimes for posting a picture lock sent with a message.

twitter /
* Fix: When openings "in response" does not show duplicate
* Podgruzka previous report in its tape and tape users
* Support for inplace replies
* Changed the map DM
* Answers to the DM directly to tape

* Select the type of installation is now on the first page
* Checkboxes are not hidden in the custom installation
* When choosing a typical installation of all put in 1 click

(8.26 MiB) 228-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://dc257.file.qip.ru/download/GFnU6 ... 6d3921df68" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Fr, 29. Apr 2011, 16:39

Die fünfte Nightly Build ist draußen ...

ausgeblendeter Text :
* Reworked vsplyvashki
Updated languages
* Updated skin
* Spelling sometimes does not work if the encoding dictionary WIN-1251
* Fix the fall at the close of inpleysa on Twitter
* Quotes when you insert a quote, etc.
* An overlay on the pictures to open (click to open image in an external viewer)
* Fixed animation video starts
* If you selected "close hide window with a standard header, only show" Close "button - to save space and do not duplicate keys
* Fix zapolzaniya sendpaneli over splitter if to unhook a window in a separate
* Fixed missing icons separate chat for some users
* Fix mailto links from undiscovered for kovertatsii in punicode
* Fiksed failure to send notice of the set
* Fixed engine MetaContact ( http://forum.qip.ru/project.php?issueid=12" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; )
* Not updated after window Ctrl + A
* Normal cursor over Picchu with predetermined reference transition
* Off the menu at local Picchu
* Item to add to the dictionary, add to the bottom
* Unnecessary quotation marks in the box bb
* By popular demand viewers added trapping extension jpeg to insert the tag adult
* Ochepyatka jubo in Akka, because of what a colon

icq, mra /
* Transition to new vsplyvashki

social /
* Fix to reduce the burden on storage.qip.ru

(8.29 MiB) 285-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://dc133.file.qip.ru/download/07yFN ... c0ac318010" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von Andi1888 » Sa, 30. Apr 2011, 17:57

In Verbindung mit Windows 7 speichert es die empfangenen Dateien nicht mehr ab. Kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit das zu beheben?
Irgendwelche Rechte ändern?

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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Mo, 16. Mai 2011, 16:13

Die sechste Nightly Build ist erschienen.

ausgeblendeter Text :
Updated languages ​​(Czech, not completely)
* Changed fade.cfg
* Increased step scrolling box of smiles and stories for faster scrolling
* Leak in the slider
* AV when deleting part of the selection in the log
* A small leak in the parser bb
* The likely fall in the correct inpleyse (check)
* Processing of starting and closing applications
* Could not work in animation scrolling vsplyvashke
* Coordinator vsplyvashek not catch the change screen resolution
* Diversion of working with icons / bitmaps
* Chat in a separate window would cease to be a chat
* When you close the profile selection was podvisanie due jump menu Win7
* Fixed a Slovak translation of the uninstaller
* Soap vsplyvashki MRA in general, all glued together, and it was necessary to uchetki
* A more pleasing layout of text in the status and print vsplyvashkah
* Mingled sound of pop in the service status fade
* A history of service mesag write text without bb-codes
* Fix the fall on the window if you enter a profile komstrokoy "/ trylogin / acc account@qip.ru / pass Password / nosrv "and uncreated profile
* Restrictions on the screen and the number of rows vsplyvashek
* With on / off aero and inc option hides close window title bar is reset to 3-button
* Fix neaktivatsii button to save when the text fields in the details
* Auto header height vsplyvashki for different resolutions
* Reworked the code tray icon
* Fixed crash when drag'n'drop and Ctrl + A in the box in some cases
* Fix nepokaza video menu on the thumbnails vimeo

/ Jabber + social
* Improvement vsplyvashek
* Workaround for ": [" in the BB-code
* Fixes fall on vsplyvashkah
* Vsplyvashki at haylayte in chats zhabbera (yet nondisconnectable)

(8.3 MiB) 361-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://dc132.file.qip.ru/download/ipxHG ... 0a6ebee191" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Quelle: http://forum.qip.ru/showthread.php?t=45087" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (übersetzt: http://translate.google.de/translate?hl ... Ft%3D45087" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)
QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Di, 24. Mai 2011, 15:55

Die siebte Nightly Build ist erschienen.

ausgeblendeter Text :
Updated languages ​​and skin
* Changes inpleys bugs on the field in the log twitter / fb
* Do not translate into smilies UpperCase
* Number of revisions to vsplyvashkam
* Selection was lost in the RVE when switching tab
* Average panel with buttons could send commands to a random table
* After closing a separate window re-opens it led to av
* If fb is not added, then the lump sum will appear in a block of cells to add + the appropriate box
* Fixed Spelling - the menu is also necessary to monitor the encoding
* In the "hide tags" link to be clickable Picchu
Icon customers ate a lot of memory
* Do not clear the current selection in Deselect
* Fixed rabies and failure will chat (windows with tabs)
* Minifiks on the width of the cells in a chat room who he turned out to 0
* Setting taymstampa in history has remained

/ Jabber
* Fixed: crash when displaying Highlight in private tabe

/ Social
* Facebook: corrected display in the notification list
* Fix: do not let smileys in nickname

(8.38 MiB) 301-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://qiptester.ru/distrib/qipinfium9045n7.exe" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Di, 21. Jun 2011, 18:43

Die achte Nightly Build ist erschienen.

ausgeblendeter Text :
* Updated skins
* Updated languages
* New control and adjustment of the side tabs
* If you started with the import, the status was not present
* Bug in import from a file - does not read the status of the nested object
* A small shoal in spell checking, dictionaries can boot a few times
* Fixed potential crash in the add dialog Facebook account
* Do not float in the middle of the screen, if for some reason can not determine at what the monitor is CR
* Accelerated download of the file tabs
* Disabled scroll down when you switch tabs
* Extra space in history after the nickname
* Offline mesag came with taymstampom not like the settings
* Transliteration was not working when in the beginning, go figure
* Did not work on preview Wim www links ( http://www.vimeo.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; )

* ICQ icon gave av

* Fix Search: Updated fields for each first connection after restart
* Fix: max. size of 42KB instead of 32KB avatar
* Take into account the inclusion in bbcode vsplyvashkah-Highlight
* In vsplyvashku of bystrochato message, added the name of who wrote
* Vsplyvashki of messages in chat private chat
* Option to disable vsplyvashek Highlight and privates chat

* Monitor Display Tape: messages, images, video (on supported video sharing)
* Interactive tape: posting status and Comment
* Contact list, status display
* IM, yet without notice for printing
* CAPTCHA support for sending IM, commenting on walls, etc

* Loading of comments, if Facebook gave only part of the

(8.53 MiB) 238-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://qiptester.ru/sega-zero/qipinfium ... s_5732.exe" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Quelle: http://forum.qip.ru/showthread.php?t=45579" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (übersetzt: http://translate.google.de/translate?js ... Ft%3D45579" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)
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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: QIP Infium Build 9045 Nigthly Builds

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Di, 28. Jun 2011, 16:24

Es geht immer noch weiter .... :) die 9. Nightly Build ist erschienen.

ausgeblendeter Text :
* Updated languages
* Translit / repleys the filter tabs
* Zero-date set to today
* Fixed the lack of cyclical switching tabs at the end of the beginning
* When displaying the Windows hotkeys are focusing on window
* Fiksed incomplete menu at RMB on the inactive chat
* At the start not correctly display option "send notification of typing"
* Hide the active window <> not show the active tab
* Skip vsplyvashki Highlight chat kernel (the only protocol) + flashing icon at haylayte returned to the group "other posts"
* Do not pull the window when you change topics in bystrochate
* Fix: update floating contacts
* Fix: stopped working scrolling chat with the focus in the input field
* Fix crash on passenger-kilometers in the log
* Not shown on the right hint subkontaktah bystrochata
* Fix references to DblEnter
* Fix: "close all"
* Fix: drawing the upper boundary pagecontrol
* Fix: you can focus on a branch of the date, beating out the active tab
* Blinks tray icon with a nonempty
* Fixes for contacts without chat (facebook / twitter Dummy)
* Fix: was not considered an option "disable avatars"
* OS is not fully updated when changing settings
* Add dialog could hang fb / give bagrep closing
* Fix crash on typing in the left tabah
* Typing a left turn tabah in the input field
* Not blinking icon "print" - included the icon flashes
* The window is not fully updated when you change settings
* Smiles at the start of the window crawled down due to the edge of the document avtoprizhima
* Acceleration switch tabs
* Update block layout for the inactive tab
* After renaming Chat / Licko tab is not completely updated, events not updated at all, has not been updated tab if it is not active
* Button unread messages in the taskbar if the window did not disappear simply activate it (without changing the tab)
* Display the actual number of units in Win7 thumbnail
* Display the correct chiselki room tab in Win7 thumbnail

+ Moved some functions from 2010:
* Lowered the priority of tv card as input video device
* Microphone not working in videovizarde if daw Autoselect removed
* Added translation of the first 49-T QIP smileys in Mra
* Added more translations of emoticons emoticons Mra QIP
* Fix for display of links coming from Aduim
* Fix to add a contact in the absence of metagruppah
* Reduced traffic on the meta server
* Fully asynchronous download the update files
* Slightly accelerated long lists online in ace
* Reduced load on the server
* Support for Firefox 4.0 in cookies
* Fix for the fall in the expanded query avatar cl
* Warning at the entrance if the password entered is not English letters
* Do not insert nickname subkontakta, if not an active bystrochat tabom
* Photos to Ride
* Menu on your avatar
* Fix the fall after transferring files through the server

* Built-in SIP uchetku assigned ID of the built-in Jabber uchetku

vk /
* Fix: If one of the queries required to display the tape is not executed, the tape stopped displayed
* Image of some friends in bands tabah
* Does not cut spetsvstavki references [id .....| Test User] in the text posts
* Options: to disable auto-opening and ribbon belt coup
* Fix: dropped on the "open feed" from the menu contact
* Fix: after reconnect icon to open tapes froze "offline"
* A time stamp fastened post a link to the site
* Unfolding / folding comments
* Fix: show no more than 10 comments
* Fixed: contacts are not created until konnekta
* Vk: improved support for enclosure in the feed (+ if there is no text in the post, and enclosure unsupported and without images, the post is not displayed)

social /
* Fix: When you connect not show the "Download" in the blank tape
* Not a menu for contact the ghost
* Fix: got off off the menu status
* Extended option "Show the tape in the usual tabe"

jabber /
* Kick from bystrochatov
* Adjustments to activate windows chat
* Fix: Reset birthday
* Acceleration of cosmic rays

(9.24 MiB) 385-mal heruntergeladen
oder: http://dc132.file.qip.ru/download/KTuz- ... bf040cc27e" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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