QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1902b

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QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1902b

Beitrag von Jeak » Mi, 25. Mär 2009, 12:20

bin grad auf diese version gestoßen.

hier die googleübersetzung:
Official testing of beta versions of new programs. Anyone can help the project to identify errors on different devices.

Features the first beta version:
- Support for ICQ and Jabber protocols
- Starting with the Symbian 9.2 version of the appearance of the program supports two modes (with their own background programs and with the background of your phone)
- Support for skins and different color schemes (by default there are two schemes: for dark and bright background)
- Set up the fonts in the contact list and message window
- Set any color
- Animated smilies
- Support for proxy and the possibility of choosing the access point by default
- Antispam
- Fine-tune alert (Alert)
- Maximum use of space (at the expense of hiding the header and menus)
- Support for English and Russian languages

What's new:
- Fixed previous version
- Made the optimization program
- Reduced amount of memory occupied by smilies
- Added to the clock on the menu bar
- Added support for notifications on a set of
- Quick access to open your bookmarks and unread messages by pressing Backspace (C)
- Set the font menu

In the new version changed the situation with the program files folder! Now it?: SystemAppsQIP
Who likes to have the procedure on the device can erase the previously used directory?: QIP

This is a beta version. Ie may be unstable!

If the program does not start, try to put this file in a folder?: SystemAppsQIP

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Re: QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1902b

Beitrag von EricB » Do, 26. Mär 2009, 20:40

WOW!!! wahnsinn! fast schon wieder zu viele funktionen (:


PS: wo hast du das denn her :-D hihih