QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1903b

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QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1903b

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changelog übersetzt durch google:
Official testing of beta versions of new programs. Anyone can help the project to identify errors on different devices.

What's new:
- Set the color scheme when you first start,
- Editing the text in the menu messages
- Navigate tabam joystick
- An indicator of input
- LED traffic
- Access to your message window of the main program settings,
- Select the channel lights to indicate,
- Sorting of groups in batch mode,
- Request the status of the contact ICQ,
- Corrected many mistakes and failures of past versions
- Possibility of sending a message to Enter

Please bug contango to publish here, with full details about the device, the protocol used and configured.
Be sure to read the FAQ, before you write in this topic!

Before you make a program, uninstall the previous version (in conjunction with the Director of QIP in the system \ apps)

Description of previous versions:

- 1902
- Made the optimization program
- Reduced amount of memory occupied by smilies
- Added to the clock on the menu bar
- Added support for notifications on a set of
- Quick access to open your bookmarks and unread messages by pressing Backspace (C)
- Set the font menu

- 1901
- Support for ICQ and Jabber protocols
- Starting with the Symbian 9.2 version of the appearance of the program supports two modes (with their own background programs and with the background of your phone)
- Support for skins and different color schemes (by default there are two schemes: for dark and bright background)
- Set up the fonts in the contact list and message window
- Set any color
- Animated smilies
- Support for proxy and the possibility of choosing the access point by default
- Antispam
- Fine-tune alert (Alert)
- Maximum use of space (at the expense of hiding the header and menus)
- Support for Russian and English languages

p.s. if you put it elsewhere, be sure to mention that this is a beta version. Ie may be unstable!
download hier

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Re: QIP PDA für Symbian v9 1903b

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vielen dank (: