Build 8866

Hier gibt es Infos zu QIP 2012 und alles was rund um QIP 2012 wichtig ist.
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Build 8866

Beitrag von TheMida » Mo, 10. Dez 2012, 09:32

Build 8866 wiedermal zum runterladen.
Wenn jemand ne neue Funktion entdeckt, dann bitte melden ^^
QIP 2012.7z
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Re: Build 8866

Beitrag von TurboPascal » Mo, 10. Dez 2012, 10:25

ausgeblendeter Text :
Added by:
New emoticons
A new tab with the combined bands
New widgets: weather and currency
Sending SMS
Support phone book of the mobile version
Starting the movie with the specified position to and
Opportunity to interrupt the search throughout history by Esc or close the window of history
By popular demand of viewers, Alt + Num now activates the appropriate tab in the mode of the side tabs
VKontakte: new music player widget VKontakte (switched on / off in the settings of the protocol)
VKontakte, "in response to XXXX" in the comments
Support for images with / s / XXXX
Facebook: support for displaying invitations to events
Support status «Invisible for all»
The previous message chat at the entrance cut off
Autologin to chat after the change of status from unseen to not invisible
Several new features delicious:
Ability to create a GUI-based interface provided by the kernel
Support http through interfaces

Fixed / Updated:
Updated languages
Updated skin:
XStatuses transfer to the skin
Transfer protocol icons in the skin's folder
A few new colors
A new tab with the combined bands
Significantly reduced the size of dll plugin and protocols
Fixed full-sized images in the [[Message Window | message box] and tape
Fix login profile in case you enter the correct password, and profile remained empty password
Not updated the hint when the mouse moves to a neighboring metacontact
Fix leaks GDI
Reduced size in the message box when you stop
Minor corrections in hinte
AV pair for reading files
Fix to have avatars in vsplyvashkah facebook
Fix fall after account deletion
Better draw marked item
Recycling your contact list:
One button menu in the title bar
One button to close (as before coagulation regulated setting )
More logical to work with docking to the screen edges
More logical to work with compact view your contacts
Your avatar and nick in the cap
Search, you can hide a more logical way
Setting the x-status in a prominent place
Info Panel is always visible
Global status now works more as an indicator of exposure + status once all protocols
Large buttons services below (be switched off)
Standardized protocols status menu (general appearance, composition)
New, more logical and convenient dialog for adding contacts and groups
Improvements in rendering the contact list:
More pleasant element size and arrangement of icons
On the big dpi will look better at the expense of the size scale base KL
Widgets support
Button added uchetok become prettier and clearer
Processing login window:
More logical and clear layout and page
Log in ICQ
Enter via mobile become easier
Picture and name uchetki on the start screen better identify Profile
If you enter a proxy, remember to set the protocol Social / ICQ , through which were
Forcibly deduce ICQ / social programs to the network after the profile creation
Processing code busting proxy (not working in some cases)
Fix can not enter in because of the profile nepravilnonogo profile password on the Japanese date format
Playing YouTube could not give off Windows
Dynamic links to download fleshpleera
Fixed AV in vsplyvashke when trying to put the same picture that is already
Fixed mobile vimeo links (such )
Correctly complete the process when receiving the signal to close (for example, through taskkill)
Fix errors due to which in some cases could not resort to profile
Fixed layout for privates Zhuikov
Updated support rutube rollers
Hints with large text now shifted away from the cursor so that it can be hidden
Fixed memory leaks in the message box on Windows 7
Fixed a bug with the scrolling text when inserted into the input field with a prompt
Single Meta-contacts drawn without unique settings subcontact
Attached chats to undock. Fixed final.
Disabled avatars could give a blank space in the top of the message window.
Fixed blinking and shows no hint to the active message window
Small fixed offset the camera icon in the expanded form
Replacing hash login to read the name:
Hiding in the dialog add a contact
Hide the details uchetki
Hiding in hinte contact history
Hiding from the header of the message window
Hiding out in search
Hiding in a hint in the Info Panel
Hiding the title vsplyvashek
Hiding in the sub-menu "View / Edit My Account"
Do not show hashed login to metakombobokse and metaknopke on single p
Hiding in metaredaktore
Hiding in the search results where hashed account without nick
Hiding the title popapmenyu on track
Hiding in drawing in case the contact name is empty
If you add a new contact with a hashed account and it is also the name of a hash, we try to rename the contact to his nickname of the details
Hiding in the dialogue file transfer
Fix window position OS
Accidentally turned on during the closing antiboss quipu
Fix the password in antibosse on social profiles
The password entry screen is not activated antibossa focus
Position of dialog boxes "near" could fail
Could not appear in the system tray balun Windows XP
Procedure for the restoration of the tabs a little bit better
Item "Settings" tab in the tray opens "Accounts"
If a computer lock, history stopped writing service messages
In hinte a new message in the system tray (the blinking envelope) Displays the nickname of subcontact, not MetaContact
If the uchetka ICQ password is not stored, when you sign when a screen for entering the password a second focus flew from the line password
Corrections to maintain the size of the message window
Changes behavior F3
Plugin "garden" is excluded from the distribution
Fixed reset the height of the input field to the default
MetaContact same name and tab in the message window (on single sboilo renamed meta)
To log out of the network after the error with an incorrect password, and show window for entering the password
Do not set the status of the jump-menu at startup
Do not show fake of tabs in the message window
Do not draw icons authorization / visible / invisible / ignore on single meta restart
Fix fall in ribbons when the UAC
Icon separate chat no longer "invisible"
Padding for the input field could be calculated incorrectly because of the fact that all actions performed before the window is created
Fixe menu to the title was not very long (the length limit to 50 characters per account and 30 on the nickname)
Fixed memory leaks in the ImageList
Fixed hint Disabled Protocols
Flashing calls and video calls in a number of cases
Backup so that if you resize the window to the left border posts were not leaving the window to the right
In the setting of the TC scrolling jumping
The new method for hashing kviplogina social accounts
More correct positioning of the windows on the screen
Sometimes the tab did not open until the report goes to the network or at the start
Fixed crash when closing kvip the active file transfers at
Fixed a bug in the parsing of JSON strings containing "\"
Export-import settings in JSON not save sounds and protocols spam
Swallowed the first letter if the focus is on the left side tabs
Can be controlled via a login window Win + arrows
Moving tabs sometimes could lead to a black bar - tab does not fit
When you move the mouse along the tabs have not changed hint
Sort plug-in settings by name so as not to jump on / off
Removed hang with tyke on the record in the Settings window
The password entry screen now does not blink and everything is redrawn correctly
Do not plug in the box are not letters + extra effort that it took away the focus
Window when you exit antibossa shows not folded
When you exit antibossa not show a message if it was hidden at the entrance
Taskbar features do not work in Windows 8
If the number is less than or equal to Smiley 49, the height of the window is customized to fit the height smiley emoticons that there was no scroll bar
In the search for the contact list and message box may not show the same amount of contacts
Fixed bug with the dock when the window could be on top
Sometimes the contact list could not appear on click of the tray
In English history windsurfing service messages written with questions
Sometimes, when you hide the hint could be an artifact from its shadow
Question marks in the connection settings
Fix the opening nameless tabs
Text x-status superimposed on the counter open tabs in thumbnail preview
Hint crawled abroad second monitor
Modal question to remove the plug to not fall
Could be missed updates x-status contacts (because of what x-status does not appear in the advanced mode and was ... in hints)
Limitation on the width hint = 250
IE proxy settings to do (to be used immediately and not after a restart)
Ship pictures in the film through a proxy
Remove permission flags plugin if dll-file is not
In some places the text appears underlined when not to
Possible fix to creep out the list of participants inactive bystrochata
Did not specify https for
A better Alt + Up / Down in chats
Possible fix from krakozyabrami and question for a GUI
Changes to boot images (incorrect handling redirect , more correct algorithm, cleaning RAM)
The file could not burst into on
Do not fall if there is no OpenSSL
ICQ, Agent
Alteration of the network
Fix all-seeing eye of the fall in ICQ
Nonoperating SSL in ICQ prevented sorting proxy
Sometimes traffic ICQ was written into the root
Prevent reconnection to the same status
Gray returned to flower in search results
Fix incorrect time values
Fix a brute proxy
Dropped when closing the file transfer in Agent
If it is impossible to connect the new scheme to give out "other server error" instead of "Disconnected. Check the connection settings "
SMS-vsplyvashku undisguised do not to miss
In hinte no status
Not reset traffic counters in
Fixed departure at the start of
Fix hint bystrochata
Fixed hang when sending large messages
There were additional uchetok icons usual jabber
Forgot about the short hints default
Fixed links to
By default, no contacts are now added to the first group, and in the «General» («General»)
Do not clear the list of participants chat
Fixed versus doubling separators and separator before the first appearance of the menu item
Unification protocol menu
No bookmarks in LiveJournal and classmates as not supported by the server
Fix improper conduct in the chat window, ignore
Detect Miranda NG
height hint is right now
Social should now work faster with proxies
Unification protocol menu
Removed psevdokontakty sotsialok from contacts
Removed obsolete settings
Displays preview in tape
Update tapes when the language changes
facebook, twitter, VKontakte: moving tape to html
facebook: if the protocol was offline, and the kernel sends a command status changes, the protocol is considered it will connect
facebook: error removal is not indicating
VKontakte: processing tag
VKontakte: emoticons in IM treatment
VKontakte: do not put the check on the receipt of messages to offline contacts
VKontakte: copy-paste in a tape mark
VKontakte, facebook: timestamp comment - link to a Web page
VKontakte: API gives curve avatar, which is why not a login
twitter: handling error messages
Sboil Detect neglect chromium
In English, German translation could appear
Fix the fall if not running explorer
Did not work in Windows 8
Loop the opening slow radio nedopredusmotrel time with a timeout
In some cases, Windows XP when you start playing / changing track could cause a drop due to lack of memory
Initially, adjust the position of the radio window, then show. And then on slow computers calculators illusion of two windows
Fix the volume slider (if you release the mouse outside the widget, and then again to restore - move the slider)
Not display the next track, and while listening to
Could stop receiving data on the next track
If you press play and immediately stop, the radio still played
If after pleya was a mistake, the icon and remained stop
In translating the status now only station name
Volume and stop now applied to the channel, and not globally, so as not to clash with the player VKontakte
Do not operate in stand-alone mode
Corrections to chain plugins
Fixes from the forum
Cut out plugins are not loaded
Quelle: / ... .ru%2F8866
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QIP 2012 Build 8828
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Re: Build 8866

Beitrag von ~Neo~ » Mo, 10. Dez 2012, 21:20

bei mir geht der Facebook chat nicht mehr - hat dafür jemand eine Lösung?